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Editorial Workflow

Every manuscript submitted to IASTER undergoes the following workflow during the course of the peer-review process. Before submitting the manuscript, the author is requested to get his/her paper proof-read for grammatical and spelling corrections as well as the readability of the paper.

Preliminary Review

IASTER is a double-blind refereed academic research journal publisher. Each manuscript would be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief for general suitability. If it is judged suitable, a double-blind review process takes place. 

If the Editor-in-Chief determines that the manuscript is not of sufficient quality to go through the normal review process or if the subject of the manuscript is not appropriate to the journal scope, the Editor-in-Chief rejects the manuscript with no further processing. IASTER reserves its right to hold some of the manuscripts without processing further if it deems to be necessary.

The peer-review process is double blinded, i.e., the Reviewers do not know who the authors of the manuscript are, and the authors do not have access to the information of who the Reviewer-Reviewers are.

If the submitted manuscript's need and scope differs from the scope of the journal submitted, IASTER reserves the right to consider it for another journal if that journal's scope matches with the submitted manuscript.

Main Review

Once the Preliminary Review is over, the manuscript is sent to a number of Editorial Board Members / Reviewers based on the subject of the manuscript, the availability of the Editors, and the lack of any potential conflicts of interest with the submitting authors. The manuscript may also be sent to a number of external Reviewer Reviewers to participate in the peer review process. The journal's Reviewers will have around 7 days to provide either a recommendation for the publication of the manuscript, along with a written commentary detailing any changes that the authors can make to improve their manuscript before final publication, or a written critique of why the manuscript should not be published.

The Reviewers may be selected from the potential Reviewers from the IASTER Panel or provided by the authors while submitting the manuscript, but it is not mandatory to send only to them. The Reviewers will review the papers and submit their own review report along with their recommendations of one of the following actions:

  • Publish Unaltered
  • Consider after Minor Changes
  • Consider after Major Changes
  • Reject: Manuscript is flawed or not sufficiently novel
  • Reject : Manuscript is a repeat publication/ Plagiarized

When all reviewers have submitted their reports, the Editor can make one of the following editorial recommendations:

  • Publish Unaltered
  • Consider after Minor Changes
  • Consider after Major Changes
  • Reject

Publish Unaltered : If the Reviewers recommend "Publish Unaltered," the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Consider after Minor Changes : If the Reviewers recommend "Consider after Minor Changes," the authors are notified to prepare and submit a final copy of their manuscript with the required minor changes suggested by the reviewers. The Reviewers review the revised manuscript after the minor changes have been made by the authors. Once the Reviewers are satisfied with the final manuscript, the manuscript can be accepted.

Consider after Major Changes : If the Reviewers recommend "Consider after Major Changes," the recommendation is communicated to the authors. The authors are expected to revise their manuscripts in accordance with the changes recommended by the reviewers and to submit their revised manuscript in a timely manner. Once the revised manuscript is submitted, the Reviewers can then make an editorial recommendation which can be "Publish Unaltered," "Consider after Minor Changes," or "Reject."

Reject : If the Reviewers recommend rejecting the manuscript, the rejection is immediate. Also, if two of the external peer reviewers recommend rejecting the manuscript, the rejection is immediate. If the decision is to "reject", authors will be informed about the decision over mail. Authors are requested not to resubmit the manuscript which was rejected in the review process.

Authority of the Reviewers

The editorial workflow gives the Reviewers the authority to reject any manuscript because of inappropriateness of its subject, lack of quality, lack of innovation or incorrectness of its results. The Reviewer cannot assign himself/herself an external Reviewer of the manuscript. This is to ensure a high-quality, fair, and unbiased peer-review process of every manuscript submitted to the journal, since any manuscript has to be recommended by one or more (usually two or more) Reviewers along with the Editor-in-Chief in order for it to be accepted for publication in the journal.

Duration of Review Process

The total process from submission to intimation may take anywhere in the range of 7 to 10 days, authors are requested not to submit the manuscript to any other journals in the mean time which is protected by the copyright transfer agreement submitted by the concerned authors while submitting the manuscript to IASTER. Please remind us if you do not receive the review results after two weeks.

Each issue will be running issue and all officially accepted manuscripts will be immediately published online. State-of-the-art running issue concept gives authors the benefit of 'No Waiting Time' for the officially accepted manuscripts to be published. Our mission is fast dissemination of scientific findings by reducing lag time between 'submission to final publication' to maximum two weeks.

Publication Charges

Finally, the author or Supporting Institution is required to pay a nominal charge as cost of review process, typesetting, online publication, long term archiving, printing and mailing costs for the journal's hardcopy, which will be sent to the Corresponding Author, so as to continue to provide high-quality, peer-reviewed papers without charge to readers on the web – ensuring that papers receive the highest exposure and potential impact associated with open access publishing. The details regarding the publication charges are available under 'Author Guidelines'. Payment can be made by Bank transfer or Western Union.

Without the significant contributions made by these researchers, the publication of the journals would not be possible.

You can submit your manuscript (MS word document only) through mail at editor.iaster@gmail.com or editor@iaster.com or on-line at www.iaster.com.

©IASTER 2013

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